Hunslet & Hudswell Clarke Locomotives in New Zealand

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Hunslet and Hudswell Clarke locomotives in New Zealand

Sean Millar Publishing 2018

 softback  £13

This is a 52 page softback book on art paper that details 44 Hunslet and Hudswell Clarke locomotives exported to New Zealand - 17 steam and 27 diesel locos.  There are over 90 photos in the book - many in colour, and most of the locos have been photographed.  There are many unpublished photos and many of the steam loco photos date to the early part of the 20th Century.  The book also gives full details of the history of each loco.  An interesting  book.  The cost of this is £13.00 plus 20% p&p - the cost is higher that most publications of this nature, but we have had to import the book and the price reflects this..

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