Building the Mallaig Railway - a photographer's story

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Building the Mallaig Railway - a photographer's story

Hege Hernaes   Glenfinnan Museum  2020

Hardback,     £30

130 pages landscape

In July 2017, Glenfinnan Station Museum received, out of the blue, an email with an interesting attachment. A black & white photograph of ‘Cooper & Co.’s Railway Stores’ had come to light, revealing the appearance of one of the shops that used to serve the many navvies on the Mallaig Railway at the dawn of the 20th century. No visual record of these stores had been known to exist.Generously illustrated with more than 100 pictures from 1900, this book is the story of the events and photographic revelations that followed on from that first picture, the years of research that ensued and the new knowledge that was gained in the process. It is a story about the people who built the Mallaig Railway and how they went about building it, engagingly written by the museum’s curator Hege Hernæs.

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