Industrial Railways and Locomotives of Greece

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Industrial  Railways & Locomotives of Greece
by Chris Down (hard cover)


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In the year that sees the 150th anniversary of the first public railway in Greece, the Industrial Railway Society is pleased to announce a new book examining the history of the industrial railways and locomotives of Greece.
The book comprises 320 pages in full colour and is complete with 50 specially drawn maps and over 220 photographs. It covers every industrial railway locomotive known to have been used in Greece and also preserved and other surviving steam locomotives. Extensive details of each working location are given, where known, and the book has a comprehensive index, including many technical details. But this is no dry-as-dust account and where the information exists – for example, at Lavrion mines or the Limni magnesite mines on Evia, the Serifos iron mines and others – something of their wider history is also explored so that the railways can be considered in context. A particular feature is the fullest account yet published of the military railways and locomotives used by combatants in the Macedonian campaign (1915-1918), including greater and more accurate details of each military railway. These have been amassed from many new sources, especially the War Diaries of the military units involved. The many locomotives used by contractors for building public works in Greece are also listed.
Although the first public railway in Greece (Athens – Piraeus) opened in 1869, industrial railways were at work by 1848, perhaps earlier. This book is an essential guide to this hidden aspect of Greek railways, the industrial and military railways rarely seen by the public.

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