Preserved Locomotives of India - Preliminary Draft

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Preserved Locomotives of India and South Asia

Part 1 - India

by Simon Darvill






When Industrial Locomotives and Railways of India and South Asia (IRS, 2013), it was hoped to include a list of all preserved locomotives, including mainline and park and pleasure railways (joy/toy locomotives), because there had never been a single, comprehensive listing of all the preserved locos in the region. Unfortunately, due to the eventual size of the manuscript the section on preserved locomotives had to be omitted. Accordingly, and with further information which has since come to light, the Preserved Section is now being made available as a preliminary draft, as a downloadable PDF.

This document is very much a first draft. The reason for putting in the public domain are three fold.

  1. To check it for errors
  2. To  check it for completeness
  3. To make a plea for photographs

It is appreciated that this list may be incomplete or contain errors, so it is being made available at a low price in the hope that its publication will bring to light further information, allowing a full Handbook in the usual format to be published in due course. Purchasers of this preliminary draft would then receive a digital copy of that Handbook at no extra charge.

It is hoped that a preliminary draft of Part 2, covering the rest of South Asia, will also be published in due course.

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