Narrow Gauge Railways of Cuba, from the1860’s to present day

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Narrow Gauge Railways of Cuba, from the 1860’s to Present Day by Christopher Walker

Trackside Publications  2009  £30.95

This is a substantial survey and history of the narrow gauge railways of Cuba, from the first initiatives in the 1860s up to 2009: public railways, sugar mill systems, recreational lines, other industrial railways, and portable railway systems. Every known narrow gauge line is recorded, including all known internal combustion locomotives from the first arriving in 1910 right up to post revolution Ministry of Sugar ["Minaz"] all-time diesel lists. Substantial public railways carrying passengers and a variety of freight operating extensive networks with purpose-built stations have now disappeared, but their history and relics are explored. Early motive power from Britain was followed by classic locomotives from the USA dominating the rosters, with continental European builders making some contributions. 370 illustrations.

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