Drewry & Baguley Locomotives & Railcars in New Zealand

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Drewry & Baguley Locomotives & Railcars locomotives in New Zealand

Sean Millar

72 page softback book, £13

The stories of the 97 diesel or petrol locomotives, 35 diesel railcars, 3 inspection trolleys and 16 conversion kits supplied to New Zealand owners by the Drewry
Car Co, EE Baguley Ltd and Baguley-Drewry Ltd between 1912 & 1973.One 1936-built Drewry locomotive remains active with national operator, KiwiRail.
Two more, both dating from the mid-1950s remain in industrial service. Many others are preserved, often in working condition.
Contains 145 widely-sourced illustrations, 59 in colour and 86 in black & white.

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