A Guide to Simplex Narrow Gauge Locomotives 2nd Edition

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A Guide to Simplex Narrow Gauge Locomotives

Hall and Rowlands  Moseley Railway Trust  2022

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The second edition now includes 30 colour photographs of Simplexes at work in industry, in addition to the 87 B&W images. There is now a works number decoder, allowing you to find the Simplex model from a works number, as well as a table of locomotives types with the works numbers for each type. Various other updates have been made, including corrections and additions to surviving narrow gauge Simplex locomotives in the British Isles, and this list now includes locomotives in Ireland. The 38 line drawings now include dimensioned works plate drawings detailing some of the changes which took place over time.

The new format is A4, hard cover, with 144 pages, line drawings of various models, works plate details, and over 100 photographs in colour and B&W.

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