Lincolnshire Potato Railways

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Lincolnshire Potato Railways

Stewart Squires

Oakwood Press reprint 2019   £16.95

This title presents the history of the Farm Railways of Lincolnshire. Over 140 route miles of track were laid on farms in at least 50 separate locations, from Alkborough on the banks of the River Humber to Crowland in the south. They were a phenomenon of the Fenland, and not confined to Lincolnshire. However, their use in other counties may not have been as widespread. In agricultural terms, they were also used to serve bulb fields in the Spalding area, but this book is confined to their use mainly for the planting and the harvest of potatoes. Many railways were of very short length, and used horses as their motive power. Others were longer, long enough in fact to employ the use of internal combustion engines, and even small steam engines.160 pages A5.

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