The Bessbrook and Newry Tramway

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The Bessbrook and Newry Tramway

A T Newnham  Stenlake Publishing  new ed 2021

Softback, 48 pages, £10.95

The Bessbrook & Newry Tramway was a narrow gauge line operated on the hydro-electric principle and built to transport coal and flax from the Newry quays to the Bessbrook Spinning Mills, finished goods in the the reverse direction and the mill workers too. The tramway opened in October 1885 and closed in January 1948. This little book is packed with information including the background to construction and opening, equipment, description of the line, operation (and mishaps), rolling stock, tickets and closure. Four maps and gradient profiles are also featured. First published in 1979 and unavailable for decades this little book has been redesigned into the Stenlake Publishing landscape format .

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