Sentinel Locomotives and Sentinel-Cammell Railcars

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Sentinel Locomotives and Sentinel-Cammell Railcars

John M Hutchings   Industrial Railway Society 2020

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The latest publication from the Industrial Railway Society details the development of the Sentinel locomotive and Sentinel-Cammell railcars. The result of over forty years work by John Hutchings and based on extensive research into official records and drawings, together with correspondence and discussions with a number of former Sentinel employees. It thus represents the most detailed history of Sentinel’s railway products yet attempted. This superb hardbound book contains 348 pages (A4 size) with numerous colour and black and white photographs, together with many drawings.

Camden Miniature Steam Serrices review July 2020 :- "John Hutchings has excelled with this work on Sentinel Locomotives and Railcars. The engines and boilers of both types were based on Sentinel’s road wagons and developed in line with these very efficient designs, but I will admit that I hadn’t realised Sentinel had built so many railway locomotives and how many had been exported - I thought of them as very much only really used in the UK. This is both an excellent technical history of the breed and also of their development, where they went and what they did. Also covered are the diesel locomotives built after Roll-Royce took over."


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